International Footprint Association

"Bigger and Better Footprints"

July 14, 2020


It is with much anguish that I have decided to cancel this years national convention.  With the current uptick in Covid-19 cases since I drafted my last letter to you folks July 1st, it just seems the prudent thing to do.

It's just not looking like we could put on the quality convention we have planned for you folks.  I was at the host hotel this morning and they are currently enforcing social distancing which would shrink our meeting room size to the point where we wouldn't fit. In addition, they are not currently serving hot breakfasts. They expressed the desire to work with us in the future to put on a convention when things improve.

Considering the age of our membership, I think the prudent solution is to stay home and stay healthy.  We will be sending refunds to those of you who have already paid and for those who have paid for convention ads in the program, we will continue to put the program together for our convention when its safe to convene.

Again, if you have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to call me direct cell #360-223-8744

For Bigger & Better Footprints

Steve Steele 

IFA Grand President

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