International Footprint Association

"Bigger and Better Footprints"

23rd Annual COPS 'N KIDS Field Day

Dear Fellow Law Enforcement Supporters,

          Our California Central Coast Chapter #73 and California Central Coast Cops ‘ N Kids, Inc. are fundraising through a link and we are trying to spread the word about our efforts and support of Law Enforcement through this campaign. We hope to take it worldwide or at least nationwide.

          So here’s where each of you can help us. First, just go to our link; and check it out. Next, support us in any way you can. But most importantly, if you have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media, or email list please just share it with as many other law enforcement supporters and law enforcement agencies as you can. When you do, ask them to do the same and we will see where this goes.

          Thank you in advance for your support of our Law Enforcement Personnel, Agencies and Communities.

“For Bigger and Better Footprints”

           Jay A. Conner

         IFA District 1 Governor

   Past Grand President 2004-05

Charter Grand Director Chapter #73

Co-Founder COPS ‘N KIDS Field Day

         Army Veteran ‘66-68’

          Cell: 805-550-6305

“In God We Trust”