International Footprint Association

"Bigger and Better Footprints"

87th IFA Grand Convention, "California Dreamin II" Pismo Beach, CA Photo Link

Dear Fellow Footprinters,

          Please just click on the link below to see the photos of our 87th IFA Grand Convention, “California Dreamin II” in Pismo Beach, CA June 20th-23rd, 2016.

          The members of California Central Coast Chapter #73 and those Chapters in District 1 that participated, wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for joining us in celebrating IFA 2015-2016 Grand President Bob Hubbell’s year and transferring the reins to the very capable hands of our new IFA 2016-2017 Grand President Doug Partlow.

          The link below shows just how much fun we all had. So sit back and enjoy them. Also, please feel free to share these as necessary. I do not have everyone’s email address.

“For Bigger and Better Footprints”

           Jay A. Conner

         IFA District 1 Governor

   Past Grand President 2004-05

Charter Grand Director Chapter #73

Co-Founder COPS ‘N KIDS Field Day

         Army Veteran ‘66-68’

          Cell: 805-550-6305

“In God We Trust”